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Comedian and Writer

Comedian. Writer. Fashionista. Whovian. Slytherin. Queer. She/Her. Punctuator.

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Largemargehero article

Chosen One of the Day: Large Marge, aka The Reason I Didn't Sleep as a Child

Large Marge inhabits one minute, fifty-seven seconds of screen time, including her headlights and truck horn appearing out of the darkness. In not-quite two minutes she managed to take up residency in the deepest, darkest reaches of my soul for the last 32 years of my life..

Westworld trans article

Is Westworld One Big Transgender Metaphor?

There’s a queer or marginalized narrative inherent in Westworld on the most basic level, as there is with almost any science fiction or fantasy product that contains an “Us versus Them” storyline...

Ryantoriley thumb 600x400 165808 article

I Got My Name and Gender Legally Changed And All I Got Was This ...

I’m a woman. Okay, yes for most of you fine readers on this site, that was already a known detail. But what I mean to say is that as of two weeks ago, I’m legally female. On September 30th I walked into a courthouse with one name and walked out with another...

Sg2 thumb 600x420 166405 article

Looks Like 'Supergirl' Has Cleared Up Who That Gay Character Is ...

Earlier this summer, Greg Berlanti hinted that a character on Supergirl would be coming out as gay this year. While a certain faction of the internet was really keeping their fingers crossed that it would be a twofer of both Kara herself and Cat...

52filmsjupiterheader thumb 600x337 153354 article

52 Films by Women: The Wachowskis' 'Jupiter Ascending'

Last weekend at the GLAAD Media Awards, while accepting an award for Sense8, and making her first public appearance since coming out, Lilly Wachowski shared her thoughts on the new wave of commentary on her and her sister Lana’s work that re-examines it through the lens of transness: she thinks it’s ‘cool’. Which is perfect because I’d already signed up to write about the work of these two women for our 52 Films by Women series with exactly that in mind...

Superheroes buffy vampire slayer 612x380 1 thumb 600x372 153069 article

It's The Trans Day Of Visibility So We Celebrate Some Things That Aren't At All Visibly Trans

Today is the International Transgender Day of Visibility, which you might never have heard of, and thus actually proves why it is important. The Trans Day of Remembrance in November is when we mourn our losses, today is the day we celebrate those of us who are still here. It’s a day when we stand up and say that we’re going to be visible, that we’re not going to be ashamed of who we are, and that we’re going to fight for our rights and freedoms...

J88bzofvqull article

Kate McKinnon, Gillian Anderson, and Other Keymasters Of Our ...

I fully admit to being downright thirsty in my response to Ghostbusters’ Jillian Holtzmann. From the conversations I’ve had about her online and with friends, and even among my fellow Pajiba writers, I’m far from alone in that. Sure, maybe I’m the only one who literally has bought Pringles because of the movie, but admirers are out there...

Pattonconanarbys article

Patton Oswalt and the Place Where Grief and Humor Meet

When loss enters your life, the lingering presence of grief is an unshakable companion. It steals moments, it hijacks other emotions, and it has a cunning ability to hide just out of sight, to make you think you’re finally free and then striking at you with surgical precision....

Open uri20161114 9076 9sabui article

'Don't Think Twice' And The Cost Of Dreaming

Having been a stand-up comic since 2001, I've always had some familiarity with Mike Birbiglia, from his first appearance on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, through his more extended specials, late night spots, and albums. Although I did briefly meet him......

Wong thumb 600x330 160048 article

'Mr. Robot' Doesn't Get A Free Pass On Trans Representation Just Because It's Cool

This is rocky ground to cover here and I'm aware of that from the get go. I'm aware of how immensely popular Mr. Robot is among the exact audience base that I'm writing for on this site. But I'm sorry,......

Open uri20161114 9076 7z14g6 article

An Open Letter To Curt Schilling

Hi, Curt. I don't know much about you, to be honest. The bulk of my in depth knowledge of baseball extends to one summer in my early teens when my parents and my brother and I had a ticket package......

Open uri20161114 9076 ldhit7 article

'Ghostbuster' Holtzmann Is Totes Queer, Just Don't Ask Sony

Since the studio first released cast photos, and let's be fair, probably even before then, speculation onto the sexuality of Ghostbusters' Jillian Holtzmann has been rampant on the internet. It can't be denied that this is largely due to the......

12565487 10107030750935685 4287853969487057213 n article

The Orgasm Code

There’s a picture of myself that I posted on my Facebook and Instagram about a month or two ago, where I’m holding my hand in front of my mouth and blushing. At the time I posted it, I said there was a sexy secret behind the look on my face...

Open uri20161114 9076 v7sxbd article

Old Bat Time, Old Bat Review: Thawing Off 'Batman & Robin'

So last week my esteemed colleague Joe Starr decided to head for the rooftops of Gotham City with his retrospective on Batman Returns. The rooftops gone, I dove for the shadows and gave myself the misguided task of revisiting what......

Gentrification thumb 600x300 162301 article

We Gaze Upon the Gentrification of the Burrito And Are Found Wanting

Oh, the burrito. You mighty entree. You noble tortilla-encrusted messenger, springing forth from Mexico in a proud century-spanning tradition. In your presence we are inspired, we are filled with that most pure of euphoria. Pity be the traveler who enters into a debate over which region of California has the best burrito